~ Vizzini's catchphrase

Vizzini is a Sicilian criminal bully. He asked Buttercup if there is anything nearby. He then tells her that there will be no one to hear her scream. He threatens to send Fettiz back to where he was unemployed in Greenland. He is a bad guy. He then reaches the cliff while He, Buttercup, and two other men climb up. Vizzini tries to kill Westley. He captures Buttercup to internecine Westley. He died from the battle of wits by drinking poison in wine. After his death, Humberdick marries Buttercup.

Roles Edit

He is played by Wallace Shawn.

Cause of death Edit

Westley challenges him to a battle of wits. Westley puts iocane powder in the goblets. Vizzini and Westley drink. Westley thinks Vizzini guessed wrong. Vizzini died laughing.

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