Tangier is a professional model dog for the Tres Blasé magazine and only bully to Russell Ferguson from Littlest Pet Shop.


He showed to be pretty welcoming when Russell and Zoe came to the pet modeling studio, and even complimented the latter about her many previous works for posters and billboards. Russell thought he seemed really nice, but Zoe became suspicious.

When Russell's sneezing ruined a shooting session, Zoe found out the hedgehog's scarf had been covered in sneezing powder, which happened after Tangier helped Russell to fix it. She then decided to expose his acts to Oliver, the head of pet modeling.

Tangier then tried to further ruin Russell's modeling career by putting hot sauce at his food. Even though Russell did eat it, Zoe managed to catch Tangier at a camera, granting him a time-out from his career.

Frustrated, he later accidentally fell for his own trap and ate from Russell's bowl.

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