And I Checked the recycle bin this morning. It was full of empty n*gger bottles.
~ Rodney from Baby Blues - The Bad Family

Rodney Carlton Bitterman was the son of Carl Bitterman and Melinda Bitterman. He is the twin brother of Shelby and Megan. He even pesters Carl until Carl takes an aggressive action. He even tripped Carl down and Carl threatened to skin him. He wasn't poking his twin sister Megan but she and Carl were lying. On Baby Blues - Rodney Moves In, he got suspended for villainous actions. Zoe couldn't stop crying, he asked his dad millions of times if he wanted to hear a joke. On Christmas Rodney said that his twin siblings came out of Melinda's stomach and he came out of her butt. He shot Carl and shot Zoe's crib.

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