The enormous ball of evil standing at the top of the social ladder.
~ Janis talking about Regina

Regina George is the (former) main antagonist of Mean Girls. She is Cady's former arch-nemesis, the leader of the Plastics, and the former queen bee of the school.


Regina is what people would describe as a queen bee. She was raised by two very wealthy parents and a younger sister, and was spoiled since she was a child.

She has an arrogant attitude and can be quite a bully to other girls. For example, when she tells a girl "Nice skirt," she actually thinks that the said girl's skirt is hideous. Nevertheless, most girls wanted to be like her and have her good looks. She is quite popular among the male crowd. When it comes to her best friends, Gretchen and Karen, she can be really bossy with them and sometimes insult them. She sometimes tends to talk in third person.

She is rather obsessed with her weight and goes on a low carb diet; Cady knew about this and tricked her into eating chocolate bars, which made her to gain weight instead of losing it.

In the end, Regina became nicer to people and does her best to channel her anger.


Regina has mid back length blonde hair and wears a lot of lip gloss. She wears mini skirts with tight blouses that shows off her figure, and high heel shoes. Other times she wears jeans. At the Halloween party, she was dressed as a Play Boy Bunny. At the school Christmas talent show, she was dressed as Santa's Little Helper by wearing a knee length red dress with white featherly trims and a Santa hat. At the prom, she wore a light pink dress with a crown of flowers around her head brace with a corsage.


- Amanda Seyfriend and Lindsay Lohan originally auditioned for the role as Regina George. - Amy Poehler is only seven years older than Rachel McAdams, Regina’s actress - Regina’s long blonde hair is actually a wig

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