Ugh, not only am I Sabrina's best friend, I'm her only friend, so she better do what I say, 'cause without me, she has nothing.
~ Chloé explaining her "friendship" with Sabrina Rainconprix

Mike Teave is a sexy ass kid who I would Shove my Dick inside of and fuck any time and would suck his Dick to. He is obsessed with television and who is the fourth and final one to be eliminated from Charlie Bucket, Grandpa Joe an Willy Wonka fromCharlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Plot Edit

When Mike finds one of the Golden Tickets on the Wonka Golden Ticket search, he explains that when he took a bite out the Wonka bar, he doesn't know how it tastes and he hates chocolate.

When he along with Charlie Bucket and the rest of the bullies entered Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory, as they entered the Television Room, he gets in shock from watching the exploding candy parade, Mike said that he wants to pick a button, and Willy Wonka, in a state of daze, allows him to do so. Mike selects the Television Room button. Willy Wonka tells the guests about his new invention, which shrinks down items and broadcasts them. Willy Wonka states that he will utilize the machine to send chocolate to the public via their television sets, a phenomenon that Willy Wonka refers to as 'Television Chocolate'. Mike scoffs at such a claim, branding it as absurd and proceeding to tell Willy Wonka that he understands nothing of science. After a demonstration proves that the invention is indeed a success, Mike begins to marvel at the machine's potential possibility as a teleporter capable of transporting whole people to different locations and rushes to test his hypothesis first-hand against Willy Wonka's wishes. The end result is Mike being shrunken so small, his voice sounds like a mouse. Willy Wonka suggests Mike be put in the taffy puller to get him back to normal size.

However, the Oompa Loompas overstretch Mike and he leaves the factory along with the other three bullies ten feet tall and extremely thin.

Trivia Edit

  • Mike's mom never said any lines in the movie. She also doesn't go into the factory.
  • Mike is the one among the kids to get bored the most in the tour.
  • Mike only interacted with Charlie in the Great Glass Elevator.
  • In the book, he has a collection of toy guns.
  • His last name resembles the word TV, which can be why he loves electronics.
  • Mike is the only one who wears Converse sneakers.
  • He along with Veruca are the only children that are not mean to Charlie.
  • He hates chocolate as stated in the movie.
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