Butch Magnus

Butch Magnus (full name: Butch Magnus Milosevic) is an over-developed 11-year-old boy who is a bully at Riley's school. He has a severe anger problem, bad manners, a complete disregard for authority, and has a tendency to rob others and ask them for their things afterwards.

He was voiced by Daryl Sabara who plays Juni Cortex in all the Spy Kids movies and Wesley Rhoades in the 2007 remake of Halloween.


Butch has a long history of violent tempers and some mischeivous actions, a blantant disregard for the law, and a tendency to rob others and ask them for their things afterwards, which made everyone grew evidently sick and tired of him. They even called him new names "Crazy Butch Magnus" and "One Punch Butch".

He was originally sent to a Catholic school called Jesus, Mary and Joseph Academy for Boys which he was later expelled from for assaulting a nun there, and military camp via one of the episodes of the Maury Povich show which did not worked. All these attempts to control him has met with dismal failure.

In the episode Shinin, Butch steals Riley's chain, and Riley has to recover it at great difficulty. He first tried to fight him but failed miserably due to being outsized. He then hired Ed Wuncler III to capture him but Ed accidentally kidnapped the wrong kid. Later, he hires Flonominal (Flo), a member of Thugnificent's Interjection Crew to attack him but he turns the tables by breaking his leg with a baseball bat. Butch gives the chain back afterward because his father said it was worthless.

He appears in two other episodes first in The Red Ball in which he is hired by Huey to play against the Chinese kickball team, he is injured like everyone else at one point taking a bombardment of shoes thrown by Chinese fans knocking him unconscious.

He also appears in A Date With the Booty Warrior in which he is among the trouble making students taken to the state prison on a field trip.

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