The Biskit Twins (Brittany and Whittany) are the main antagonists of Littlest Pet Shop. They are Blythe's arch-nemesis, Fisher Biskit's daughters, and Cashmere and Velvet's owners.


  • Despite their father running business and owning the company, the Biskit Twins are far worse as they drive the plot for most episodes and have a personal grudge and hatred for Blythe.
  • Their surname comes is a pun the name of a food "biscuit."
    • They are both voiced by Shannon Chan-Kent, who also voices Silver Spoon from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
    • The sisters' names and hair colors are reversible: Brittany (B - Black) has white hair while Whittany (W - White) has black hair.
    • In "Door-Jammed," Whittany seems saddened that Blythe doesn't want to be her friend and says that it is just Brittany who dislikes Blythe.
    • Brittany and Whittany seem to be more skilled at things when working together. Despite both of them failing math, Blythe discovers they can solve complex problems in a matter of seconds. This is revealed to be because Whittany can understand the problems, but can't solve them, and Brittany can solve the problems, but cannot understand them.


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